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A place to create, play games, hang out and attend events!

No matter what you want to do, Sinespace has something - if you're a creator, we have amazing tools (scroll down!), but if you just want to hang out - Sinespace has live music, vehicles, cinemas and more!

The best new virtual world platform for creatives!

Sinespace is the most graphically powerful, feature complete next-gen virtual world platform.


We have the most powerful gesture and animation framework in virtual worlds - animate anything, perform complex synchronised multi-person gestures and more!


We use integrated PhysX physics with native support for vehicle functions providing smooth, responsive vehicle driving - even for overseas users!


We're built on the latest versions of the award winning Unity Engine - developers can harness the full power of Unity to build amazing looking content.


We've got built-in support for flexible real-time cloth physics, automated skinning and weighting, cloth deletion, tucking and more!

Built by creators, for creators.

We were originally virtual world users ourselves - whether you're a end-user or a high-end creator, we've got something for you.

More features than you can poke a stick at

Sinespace provides over 300 distinct components for common functions to speed up development, but has thousands more from our Unity core availible to use.

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  • language First region free! ... and subsequent ones are reasonably priced!
  • devices_other Runs anywhere Clients availible for Windows, macOS, Linux and HTML5
  • live_help Really good support Nearly 24/7 dedicated help for creation and creators!
  • visibility VR Ready Experimental support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift/Touch
  • filter Graphically Unparalleled Full support for modern game engine features
  • build Build on and offline Build externally, or using the client!
  • store Monetise your content Sell items, clothes, regions and more in our store, today!
  • assignment_ind Serious about piracy We take IP infringment very seriously.
  • face Tell your stories Create stories in 3D using our NPC and Quest tools!
  • group_work White Label White label versions availible for brands and educators

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